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The Maserati Resource Centre ("MRC" for short) provides a central focus for information on Maserati cars, people and events. The site has been running since May 1996 and now contains a wealth of technical articles, a parts interchange database, model information and links of interest to Maserati enthusiasts. An active discussion area - the Forum brings Maserati enthusiasts together to talk, chat and share information. The search facility has access to the full text of each of the hundreds of articles on the site.
All information is provided free of charge (see the editorial policy) though, to protect the information within the site from illicit exploitation, visitors must register to gain access. Registration is free and takes just a few minutes. You can log in or register using the small form at top left of every page.
If you are new to the site, please visit the Forum and introduce yourself in the Espresso Bar - we're a friendly bunch!

Happy Maserati motoring!


N E W S   U P D A T E   . . . . .    N E W S   U P D A T E   . . . . .   

  • Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Stirling very kindly made some time for me at the recent GPLive event at Donington Park. Full interview will appear here soon.

  • Site updates

Several new technical articles covering the hydraulic light switches on the Citroen era cars and some interesting tips for anyone building a Merak/SM engine (that may have application to other engine rebuilds as well) have been added to the TechTips library. Thanks to Rich Davis and John Spelic for contributing these articles.

  • Situations vacant

Don't get excited - there's no pay on offer - just the glory(!) and fame of being a regular contributor to the MRC.

The site is becoming too large for  one man (me!) to manage and as the technology deployed here becomes more sophisticated finding the time to both develop the site's infrastructure and update its content is becoming more than I can spare.

So I'm looking for some helpers to share the load. Maybe you'd like to spend an hour or two each month updating the Events listings. Or perhaps you have a keen ambition to edit the TechTips pages. The more sociable might like to moderate one of the discussion areas in the Forum.

If you can spare some time and could help I'd be delighted to hear from you. Here's a (far from complete) list of the jobs that are up for grabs:

  • Picture librarian
  • Technical specialists (responsible for sections of the TechTips area
  • Moderators for Forum discussion areas
  • Events editor
  • Reporters/authors (to submit articles of interest to Maserati enthusiasts)

If you can help, please contact me at

  • OSCA V12

OSCA too fast - it's gone!

A very special treat was in store at GPLive when the one an only, ex-Prince Bira OSCA V12 GP car made its public debut after a seven year restoration by owner Peter Wuensch who was greatly enjoying himself!

A full article on the restoration is planned. In the meantime you can read a little more about the car (and see photos of the rest of it!) here.
  • 5-4-3-2-1

All five Quattroportes

Here's a sight you won't see repeated too often - a full set of Quattroportes from the latest, fifth incarnation back to the very first. The opportunity arose at the Maserati Club's Spring meeting earlier this year. It's the ultra-rare second series car that makes this photo special. From Maserati's Citroen era, this car exists in tiny numbers and was patiently tracked down by Edwin Faulkner who ist trying to collect a full set of "QPs" for himself!

The happy owners (L-R) are: Drummond Bone, Yours Truly, Prag Mistry, Edwin Faulkner and John Bennett.

  • Calling all club/event  officials

I have started to update the Events listings for this year - if you know of an event that other Maserati enthusiasts should know about, please add it to the database using the on-line form. If you are a club secretary or event organiser please add details of your events on-line yourself. Event details will usually appear on the site a day or two after details have been entered.

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